The Heart of Real Estate


Discover the Inner Keys to Outer Success

There’s A Creative Force inside Every Human Being That Can Make Any Vision, Dream or Desire a Reality.

Victoria Feldman, author of The Heart of Real Estate, is a licensed Realtor, Life Coach and published writer. Victoria wrote The Heart of Real Estate ten years ago and has taught hundreds of agents how to achieve financial security and personal fulfillment in choosing a career in real estate.

Trusting your calling and your vision.

  1. Why do you want to become a Real Estate agent/broker? Before you can sell homes to others, you have to be sold on the idea of a real estate career and all that entails. You must be able to quickly determine a person’s wants and needs and enjoy helping them reach their goals. Remember, this is a service industry, not show business. If you can embrace that it’s about THEM, not YOU…you will have a head start in becoming a Top Producer.

  2. How do you handle rejection? Is it in your nature to resolve conflict quickly and respectfully? Do you hold on to hurt feelings, harboring grudges? Can you let hurtful remarks or actions go and move on? You can’t be all things to all people…this is why it is so important to discover your own unique style and narrow your focus in order to build a loyal client base.

  3. How do you handle adversity? Is it in your nature to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again? Remember, in a real estate transaction you don’t get paid until the escrow closes and for various reasons, the transaction you have worked so hard on falls apart…how do you handle disappointment.

  4. How healthy is your relationship with money? Do you have a financial plan in place to get you through the first year as a newly licensed agent? Do you have a realistic budget for marketing yourself? Do you have the necessary tools to get you up and running right away (social media sites, professional pictures, website, laptop, cell phone, etc.)? Are you comfortable with technology? There’s no getting around it…technology is here to stay so you either have to be comfortable with it or find a partner who is technology savvy or spend the money to hire an assistant right away.

  5. Are you a charismatic authority figure? Or are you more comfortable shining in a supporting role? It is essential you know which role suits you best. The main traits for becoming and remaining a Top Producer are extraordinary insight, intuitiveness, integrity and knowledge which inspire those who do business with them to trust their judgment.

Integration of knowledge and action. The three C’s…

  1. Clarity – When you become “core clear” and own your thoughts, feelings and actions, when conducting business, questions such as: “Why aren’t I getting what I want?” “Why is this taking so long?” “Do I deserve it?” will no longer be part of your self-doubt. When others witness you from a place of strength, confidence and power, they will react accordingly. Never compromise your core truths. You are not the company you work for. You ARE the company. You are the CEO of your own unique and authentic brand.

  2. Creativity – Honing your creative talents that set you apart from other agents can be fun as well as rewarding. Working with a coach that is trained to draw out your vision and hold you accountable for executing it can jump start your business faster and more effectively. Before you begin prospecting clients, create a personalized promotional campaign and develop marketing material that capitalizes on your specific niche (or some call it your sphere). Familiarizing prospective clients with your style and defining your area of expertise differentiates you from your competition and allows you to gain more control of the niche you are focused on representing. Suggestion: On a plain piece of paper sit quietly and think about who you are, your background, your hobbies, your education and anything about you that is unique and different. Your Agent Profile is your calling card and it must represent the real YOU.

  3. Commitment – Your primary goal should be to awe your clients with your dedication to serving them before and after the sale. Achieving a loyal customer following is essential in this business. Your service will be awarded by repeat business as well as referrals. Being 100% committed to your client’s wants and needs and putting them before your own will bring you sustainable fulfillment, and, in the end financial security.

Are you a Master Manifestor?


“As a man thinketh so is he.” Your beliefs can limit you or they can expand you. When you believe you are never alone, that the Master of all that lives is supporting you in what you want, then all the obstacles that you face will dissolve. Examine how you react when you are scared, worried, rejected or anxious. Do you quickly defend yourself, get angry, lash out, shrink and go silent or do you remain peaceful, loving and accepting? Behind these safeguards the feelings continue, therefore, the only real change happens within. Peace is created around your own peacefulness. Is it possible to feel safe outside without feeling safe inside? Master your inner world and expand your core beliefs into expectations. Let those expectations create your reality. Be pure, direct and open. “You will see it, when you believe it.”


Victoria Feldman has been a licensed Realtor since 1988. Coming from an entertainment industry background, Victoria’s natural talent in front of the camera led to hosting a television program in Los Angeles titled “Conscious Real Estate, a Win-Win for Everyone.” Victoria received her CRS (Certified Relocation Specialist) credential and is an Honorary Member of the ERC (Employee Relocation Council) in Washington, D.C. Victoria has been a multi million dollar producer for over 18 years and has been honored as a Top Producer, both while working in Beverly Hills for Brand Realty and in Carmel, where she was honored as a Member of the President’s Roundtable for Alain Pinel Realtors. Currently, Victoria works for Nelson Shelton & Associates in Beverly Hills, Ca., while she travels from Southern California to Northern California teaching her course The Heart of Real Estate to real estate professionals.

As a child, Victoria’s family owned one of the largest import/export companies in the South and to this day, her home (“as well as my Soul”, she writes) is influenced by Asian art and culture. Raised in a multi-cultural home, where not only Christianity and Judaism were present, Victoria’s views of the world included her curiosity and affection for Hinduism, Buddhism and other Asian spiritual vistas revealed to her as a young girl. Her open-mindedness set the stage for Victoria’s entrepreneurial spirit to take on public policy issues and deep passions over the years.

When the Malibu-Santa Monica School District was concerned for the safety of “latch-key” children, Victoria founded Creative Expressions, Malibu’s first higher consciousness program for children ages 4-12. She also owned and operated Vicki’s Fantasies, a gift buying business that sold unique items (mostly from Asia) to over 700 stores nationally. Her work was honored at UCLA’s Entrepreneurial Women of the Year conference. Victoria is also an accomplished writer and has written many articles for various magazines and a book, This is Not Goodbye…It’s Halo, a poetic journey of transition, endorsed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. In 2005, Victoria began teaching and coaching the principles by which she strongly believes will not only help people achieve their career and financial goals, but their life goals as well. Victoria is a member of the International Coach Federation and a graduate of Coaches Training Institute in Marin, California.

Victoria’s second book, “Hello, Beautiful,” deals with America’s overweight and obesity epidemic. Victoria, once again, stirs the soul of the reader while providing them with a workbook to re-define themselves and celebrate their breath-taking, break-throughs.

Victoria believes “we all have a purpose and a mission… that there are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned and shared. ”

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