Light Your Path with HOPE


If you were writing this blog and the title was Have Only Positive Expectations, what thoughts come up for you in relation to where you are at this moment in your life?

A little backstory is important as to why, out of all the quotes I read every day, this particular one had its hold on me. I’m a 70 year-young woman who has a problematic past, missed opportunities and an eating disorder. Yet, I have had an incredible life in spite of carrying around my share of unresolved inner conflicts. Blessed to be a mother of two amazing children who love me unconditionally, I made a decision early on to use my entrepreneurial talents (or, as my Jewish grandmother would say “Use your Cup,” a Yiddish saying meaning “use your brains”) to earn enough money to be a stay-at-home mom. The feeling of joy being able to work in my pj’s, hot cup of Java in one hand, a kid in the other and the sounds and smells of nature wafting through my windows, still to this day, fills my heart with happiness…

But, alas, coming up with new ideas is not always self- mani-fest-able!!! We, creative home-bodies also have to deal with fear when it has its grip on us and says “You’ve run out of ideas. You’re allotment of creativity has run its course” That nagging voice that catapults us into vigorously resuming our resolutions to eat healthy and exercise more, wondering if our little stint in heaven, the feeling we derive from allowing our natural flow of energy to guide us effortlessly through the day (and night) could be coming to an end, and, we may have to go out and get a J.O.B.

For over 45 years, I have listened to the beat of my own drum. When that negative chatter makes me feel stuck, when that nudge of here it comes…another transformational shift, which embodies every level of my being, opening the way for new seeds of awareness to sprout, I hear Empowered ME’s sweet song of hope, a song that keeps me trusting the Source where hope rises from. My own personal remedy, over the years is to check-out. And, I have to say I am really, really good at checking-out.

I may not have millions of dollars in the bank, but I have earned enough money to raise two children, launched multiple, successful businesses, sold millions of dollars of real estate, coached others and saved enough to travel across the U.S. to spiritual retreats, workshops, seminars and lectures. As I have grown older, the miracle of video, audio, streaming live …it’s all here for me to enjoy my spiritual pursuits and passions from my computer and TV. We can design our lives to manifest our deepest desires. I am living proof we can live our lives true to our own, uniqueness and thrive in all ways that truly matter.

Those four words: Have Only Positive Expectations; on a simple background of gentle pastels remind me that every breath I take can be used to enter that sacred space, where the quiet flow of contentment and self-acceptance invite in my Spirit-Self. With Empowered ME’s eternal gift of guidance, I remain power-full beyond measure. The more I allow myself to feel hope, the fearful thoughts dissipate and the source of hope keeps replenishing itself.

I hope, as we all do, that our lives and the lives of our loved ones will turn out well, even though we are presented with personal loss and global devastation throughout our lives that create challenges for us to go within…when that happens… “Light your path with hope”…Have Only Positive Expectations.

Stay tuned…

About the Author

Victoria Feldman is a published author, certified life coach, crisis therapist, blogger and has developed spiritual workshops.

Victoria offers an array of transformative workshops to corporations, small businesses, real estate associations and entrepreneurs seeking to form better and higher communication that is in alignment with their cultures and missions. Rooted in Universal Laws, Victoria’s workshops assist the participant in raising their vibrations to match their desires. From Vision Boards to Positive Psychology to Optimism, Mindfulness and Clarity, she uses proven tools and techniques that enrich, inspire and uplift her clients committed to transformation.

Victoria has sold 100’s of millions of dollars of real estate, and authored her own real estate course “The Heart of Real Estate” which she teaches at Boards of Realtors, colleges, to groups and individuals. Victoria was invited to be a panelist honored for her entrepreneurial achievements at UCLA’s “Women of the Year” conference. An advocate for children and Montessorian, Victoria‘s “Creative Expressions” was Malibu, California’s first Higher Consciousness Program for Children. Victoria’s program had a three year’s wait list. Victoria’s first book, “This is Not Goodbye…It’s Halo” was endorsed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and won the prestigious IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for first new book in the Psychology/Self Help division. Victoria’s new book, “Hello, Beautiful-How the Power of Self Love Heals & Transforms You” takes the reader on an inner journey of remembering our connection to our Source of creation. Victoria attended one of the world’s most respected, rigorous coaching institutes in the world, CTI. She is also a member of ICF, International Coach Federation.

“By choosing to be our most authentic & loving self, we leave a trail of magic everywhere we go.” Emmanuel



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