Crisis Intervention and Mediation

Crisis Intervention & Mediation
Grief/Death & Dying/Divorce

Only those who avoid love can avoid grief. The point is to learn from grief and remain vulnerable to love ~John Brantner

With any loss comes grief. This is true regardless of the specific circumstances of your situation. Death and Divorce are two of the most difficult and traumatic events a person encounters. Victoria Feldman has been through the loss of loved ones, her own fear around death & dying and a painful divorce. Victoria trained with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a pioneer in understanding the area of grief. Dr. Kubler-Ross’ highly-respected groundbreaking book, On Death & Dying, laid out five emotional and mental stages that follow a great loss, such as death or divorce as being denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Victoria understands and empathizes with others who are experiencing loss, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, and grief with varying intensities at various times. Victoria works with people whose lives have been severely altered due to a relationship breakup or through a medical diagnosis that changes their lives significantly. When it comes to helping someone get through a breakup/divorce or someone who is facing the loss of a loved one, Victoria is sensitive to the fact that people facing the end of what once was a deep love and bond with another person must now begin the process of “letting go” while in a state of emotional and economic crisis.

Victoria believes that crisis intervention and mediation go hand in hand. To help people normalize their lives post-divorce or the death of a loved one can take years. With both of these painful life events, there is usually an attorney involved. Most attorneys remain disinterested in holistic interventions to help their clients process their wide range of emotions. Having someone who has your back and is skillfully trained to help you manage your feelings and to apply a solutions focused approach can make all the difference in the world as to how well you heal and how soon. The good news is that a lot of attorneys today are recognizing the need for mediation vs long, legal battles that impede the person’s overall well-being. The number one priority of crisis intervention and mediation coaching is to increase stabilization.

When you work with Victoria, you can co-create a clear road map for your future and look back at all the joyous times you shared when your relationship was in full bloom or when your loved one enjoyed optimum health.

Except for the initial consultation, which is a 30 minute, no charge session, fees vary depending on circumstances.

To schedule an initial consultation please contact Victoria or call (831) 236-8698.


About the Author

Victoria Feldman is a published author, certified life coach, crisis therapist, blogger and has developed spiritual workshops.

Victoria offers an array of transformative workshops to corporations, small businesses, real estate associations and entrepreneurs seeking to form better and higher communication that is in alignment with their cultures and missions. Rooted in Universal Laws, Victoria’s workshops assist the participant in raising their vibrations to match their desires. From Vision Boards to Positive Psychology to Optimism, Mindfulness and Clarity, she uses proven tools and techniques that enrich, inspire and uplift her clients committed to transformation.

Victoria has sold 100’s of millions of dollars of real estate, and authored her own real estate course “The Heart of Real Estate” which she teaches at Boards of Realtors, colleges, to groups and individuals. Victoria was invited to be a panelist honored for her entrepreneurial achievements at UCLA’s “Women of the Year” conference. An advocate for children and Montessorian, Victoria‘s “Creative Expressions” was Malibu, California’s first Higher Consciousness Program for Children. Victoria’s program had a three year’s wait list. Victoria’s first book, “This is Not Goodbye…It’s Halo” was endorsed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and won the prestigious IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for first new book in the Psychology/Self Help division. Victoria’s new book, “Hello, Beautiful-How the Power of Self Love Heals & Transforms You” takes the reader on an inner journey of remembering our connection to our Source of creation. Victoria attended one of the world’s most respected, rigorous coaching institutes in the world, CTI. She is also a member of ICF, International Coach Federation.

“By choosing to be our most authentic & loving self, we leave a trail of magic everywhere we go.” Emmanuel



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