"When we come to it We must confess that we are the possible We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world That is when, and only when We come to it." Maya Angelou More than 2 BILLION people or almost one-third of the world's population is obese or overweight. Obesity-related health care expenses, weight-loss products, diet programs and surgeries, all touting to be the Holy Grail to achieve "everlasting thinness" cost Americans over $200 BILLION annually. What is it going to take before "we come to it?" Serving the reader with statistics, extensive research and her own poignant inner conflict as a person with an eating disorder, Victoria's authentic voice is heard throughout every page of "Hello, Beautiful." As she shares her struggles and triumphs to liberate herself and others from yo-yo dieting and weighty thoughts, she offers supportive self-love breaks containing soul-stirring exercises and powerful questions, inviting the reader to become an active participant in their own healing and transformation. The author's calling to chronicle her life-long addiction is a manifesto of one woman's desire to arouse and awaken that all-knowing, vital link reminding us our bodies' house our spirits while here on earth. Victoria writes: "Our spirits are the fertile soil from which seeds of truth are planted. From these seeds, sprout supreme realities that heal and transform those parts of us that have been wounded, neglected and misunderstood. We are spiritual beings filled with infinite love, mirroring all that is true, good and beautiful about ourselves."

Victoria Feldman's first book, endorsed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross "This is Not Goodbye...It's Halo," is a poetic tale that opens the way to Angelic encounters so we may overcome our fear of death and dying. In Hello, Beautiful, Victoria's tenderness on the subject matter of obesity and overweight reaffirms that God created us as perfect masterpieces of divine love. Visit the author at victoriafeldman.com