Hello, Beautiful is the answer to Marianne Williamson's "A Course in Weight Loss." Victoria Feldman's journey of healing and transformation from a lifelong battle with an eating disorder was birthed while reading Marianne's book. To keep the reader inspired and empowered are exercises (the author calls them "Self-Love Breaks") Victoria maintains daily to celebrate her breath-taking break-throughs.

Extensive research and mind-blowing statistics change the way we view overweight and obesity. This is not a diet book. It is the author's private and most vulnerable journal she shares, along with others who have struggled and triumphed over, what has become, an epidemic worldwide. Quotes from the "Rockstars" of the spiritual movement and Bible quotes will keep you wanting to rise higher and higher, shedding old thoughts that have become beliefs that no longer serve your highest good. Remember who you are, a Child of the greatest Creator of all living things...is the overarching theme of Hello, Beautiful.