Hello Beautiful is a book that brings you back to loving yourself. With food addictions and obesity being rampant in our country, there are huge numbers of people who feel out of control and conflicted, not knowing where to turn. Victoria allows herself to be transparent for our benefit and conveys her message of how she learned to love herself after years of yoyo dieting. This book shares her personal insight and her work with others to show us how to break free of the confines of food addiction and learn to heal by loving ourselves first.

Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other."Paulo Coelho" Victoria's rare expertise, built on years of personal experience, teaching, and an undeniable capacity for love, takes the reader on an inner journey of self-transformation. In her book, "Hello Beautiful," she is a master story teller in the way she weaves her own story, along with those she has helped overcome their own eating disorders. Written in a workbook style format that offers real tools and practical steps for healing, Victoria empowers the reader to love themselves completely so that they can truly love others with a healed heart." Sandy PeckinpahAward-Winning Author & Radio Show HostHow to Survive the Worst that Can Happen.