Life Coaching Testimonials

Being a man, I was hesitant to hire a life coach, especially a woman. I was troubled by thoughts that popped up in my head seemingly out of nowhere. Usually, I would ignore negative or unpleasant feelings from thoughts, but these feelings were becoming emotions I knew weren't healthy. Victoria was amazing. She didn't judge me and we figured out the root cause of my discomfort in six weeks. I will be seeing Victoria for tune ups regularly.
G. McLean
Palo Alto, CA
I wanted to learn more about the mind-body connection and a friend referred me to Victoria. I was feeling physically weak and mentally drained. I was in a state of crisis from overworking, over thinking and overreacting. Victoria was/is the best listener I have ever known. She is compassionate, empathic and non-judgmental. Everything you would hope your parents would have been. We worked on my childhood traumas and how to let go of them to fully actualize who I am today. I've never felt so uplifted as I do from working with Victoria.
Mary Lopez
Victoria u have been, & still r the most insightful, & truly caring woman I have worked with in my life. If it was not for u, my divorce may have totally taken me down…ruined me. With your savvy advice, brilliant business mind, & loving support, I am coming out of the fog of a 30+ year marriage & not only surviving, IM THRIVING!!!
Carlye Samatas
Los Angeles, CA
Victoria entered my life in a serendipitous way but positive changes were evident immediately. Her organizational skills, her natural enthusiasm and positive beliefs transmit quickly – they are subtle and comforting and as a result my career is taking a new and vibrant path towards success. What a jewel to have in your corner! Thank you, Victoria!
Helen Berger
Marine, CA
Victoria Feldman’s coaching programs are unique in that they integrate life and personal growth work with productivity tools. Victoria’s coaching work is based on merging body, mind, and spirit with agent accountability tools such as KW’s 4-1-1 goals and calendar/pipeline analysis. I became clearer, more focused, less stressed by elevating my vibrations to match my desires. I highly recommend Victoria’s coaching courses for anyone seeking the feeling of well being while managing a busy and intense career.
Molly McGee
Carmel, CA
I love Victoria’s 30 day Spiritual Boot Camp program. Although 30 days won’t change everything about my mindset, I do have a deeper understanding of myself. The daily contact works because I don’t have to sit with my thoughts alone and internalize them. I can get instant guidance rather than have my mind wander all over the place. Daily check ins make me feel safe because I know I am not alone.
Beverly Hills, CA
Victoria’s rare expertise, built on years of personal experience, teaching, and an undeniable capacity for love, helps transform those that are struggling with eating disorders. In her book, “Hello Beautiful,” she is a master story teller in the way she weaves her own story, along with those she has helped, written in a workbook style format that offers the reader real tools, practical steps, and empowers them to make better choices. As a coach, her intuitive approach to making life changes is based on learning to love yourself completely so that you can truly love others with a healed heart.
Sandy Peckinpah
Award Winning Author and Radio Show Host “How to Survive the Worst that Can Happen”
My life coach, Victoria Feldman is a constant source of ideas and support. Victoria delivers her guidance with patience, understanding and humor. The best part is I am safe to share my innermost goals and dreams with her and every session, we go over those from the week before, uncover over-looked ideas, strategize and expand on my step by step action plans, creating a pathway for all that I truly want to become realities.
Sylvieann Vidal
Carmel, CA
Victoria Feldman’s close association with Dr. Will McWhinney, my professor at UCLA’s Graduate School of Management and whose “four realities,” their combination and switching from one to another are the building blocks from which he believed was the “mark of a healthy and mature person, culture, or society” drew me to work with Victoria. Developing her own unique practice of counseling others, Victoria’s life coaching opened a whole new dimension for me as a management professional. I highly recommend Victoria if you or your company are seeking empowering breakthroughs of change. For confidentiality & professional reasons I respectfully ask you do not use my name.
Director, Human Resources
Boston, MA
Victoria Feldman is a teacher first. Her coaching is practical and profound as it guided me to discovering what it is I truly want which was a million miles from what I was doing. Victoria coaches from her heart and instinctively zeros in to the heart of the matter. Even with Skype (we live on different coasts), Victoria’s voice brings forth truth and lasting changes.
E. Burke
New York, NY
Victoria has a remarkable gift as a Realtor as well as a Life Coach. Her ability to zero in on your strengths and authenticity, which translates into your own unique style will give you the tools you need to send a positive message to prospective buyers and sellers and they will respond by becoming loyal, life-long clients.
Ronna Brand
2007 President of the Beverly Hills – Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS
Victoria, I am so proud of you. You are on a mission…to share your true wealth of knowledge with others. You have a rare sense that transmits your message…easily and simply. This is what makes you so powerful, both as a Realtor and Coach.
J. Profeta
Carmel, CA
Victoria, Thank-you so very much for presenting the class and sharing your wealth of experience and wisdom with us. I am indebted to you for increasing my sense of self-worth and for giving me the gift of seeing a very successful and real lady being free and genuine.
Marie Baechler
Morgan Hill, CA
Oh, my God! I knew you were very special to me the minute I sat down. I was thinking about you as I was preparing our “portion number nine” breakfast. I asked my husband, ‘Do you know why Victoria was so successful in her class?’ ‘She asked a lot of questions about us, had an honest interest to know about us and everybody loved the attention. She spoke to us with her heart, not ego.
Nicole Giroux
Los Gatos, CA
Victoria’s style of Life Coaching has transformed my life. By showing me different perspectives and holding my feet to the fire to take action steps, I am now planning my life true to my authentic self and making healthy, wise choices which have reduced my stress load 1000%. If you are seeking personal empowerment, or are a prospective client looking to buy, sell or lease, I recommend Victoria as your number 1 choice.
Patricia Berry
Austin, TX
You have a great gift, Victoria. I think you are tremendous and I am really excited for you! Your coaching skills and transforming them into your own unique, effective style makes you a real winner. Thank you so much.
Rachel Goldberg-Life Coach
San Francisco, CA
Loved your workshop! Your breadth of experience is what really made the difference. You could turn your workshop into a semester-full of study or into a book. You are warm and nurturing…sheer joy.
Margaret Amodio
Seattle, WA
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  • Victoria has a remarkable gift as a Realtor as well as a Life Coach. Her ability to zero in on your strengths and authenticity, which translates into your own unique style will give you the tools you need to send a positive message to prospective buyers and sellers and they will respond by becoming loyal, life-long clients.