Finding Your Joie de vivre

Brand New Workshop for Individuals and Groups

The nature of Life is infinite abundance, ultimate fulfillment, and a constant state of expansion and joy. Joie de vivre derives from a French phrase that means the “joy of living.”

Over the past few years, my coaching practice has evolved from teaching to co-creating. Never was this more profound as I began working with clients who were ending long term marriages, clients whose lives were dramatically changed due to financial stress and clients who were faced with the ultimate loss…death.

I was blessed to have had an extended friendship and mentorship with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. She taught me to always remember I was looking into the eyes of God whomever made their way to me.

As we age, our light within isn’t extinguished…it just gets dimmed as our bodies change and we are forced to go within. This is when we become reacquainted with our light. We are all meant to shine, as children do. And, as we, the Soulpreneurs and Light Workers guide kindred spirits, we co-create together our last chapter into one of authentic wholeness.

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  • Finding Your Joie de vivre | Life Coach, Author, Spiritual Teacher

  • Victoria is an Inspirational Motivator, Life Coach, Published Writer & Multi-Million Dollar Top Producing Realtor.