De-mystifying Law of Attraction


If one more client makes their way to me that quotes Abraham, Esther Hick’s non-physical entity/entities with the craving to unlock this mysterious presence that has taken over their consciousness, I am going to hang up my shingle and do readings using my crystal ball.

Law of Attraction has existed since the beginning of time. Basically, The Law of Attraction means “like attracts like.” Whatever we energetically send out to the universe, these vibrations are joined by energies of equal vibrations.

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The Clarity Through Contrast Technique : Abraham


“When you deliberately seek positive aspects of whatever you are giving your attention to, in a sense you tune your vibrational tuner to more positive aspects of everything. The better it gets, the better it gets, for you get more and more of what you are thinking about —whether you want it or not.”

~ Abraham ~

Fold a piece of paper in half. On the left side, write Contrast. On the right side, write Clarity.

Next, under Contrast write all the things you don’t want such as “I don’t want to work in an unconscious environment with unhappy people.” Under Clarity, you write what you do want “I want to work in a conscious, inspiring, uplifting environment with happy people.”

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Did you know that when your unconscious beliefs are in conflict with your conscious ones, they cancel each other out or worse, the unconscious beliefs win?

Did you know

We ask ourselves all the time, at least I use to, why is it that some people seem to have it all while others equally as talented, smart, focused and driven struggle through life? We have conditioned ourselves to thinking this is just “bad luck” or “poor timing.”

Well, it’s not. Inner guidance has no restrictions. We can access our empowered selves anytime we desire. When my deceased grandmother appeared at the end of my bed some years ago, I accepted this paranormal occurrence, but I now have come to believe that when vibrational energy “Juju’s” enters our consciousness, there are usually messages attached to them. There was a reason the Universe had sent my grandmother to me. She had a message for me. However, at that time in my life, I wasn’t open to believing I was connected to an unlimited source of abundance so although I “saw” her, I didn’t “hear” her.

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What do Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Rob Thielke have in common?


Bill Gates once famously said: “If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR”. Google Bill Gates and you will see a Master of PR. Donald Trump has successfully marketed himself as a celebrity tycoon and now the most grandiose politician of our time. Whatever he says, does, doesn’t say or doesn’t do, is on every one’s mind, every day all over the world. Google Donald Trump and you will see a Master of PR. Rob Thielke, who died this week, was the marketing genius who wrote and starred in commercials, which were parodies of movies and TV shows for Vern Fonk Insurance, a Seattle based company with seventeen offices throughout the Nortwest. It was Thielke’s unique, creative antics that catapulted an ordinary insurance company into a household name. Google Rob Thielke and you will see a Master of PR.

This world is one big marketplace. Perhaps once in a generation, a person’s name becomes a brand, in and of itself. Certainly, this is true of Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Vern Fonk’s Rob Thielke.

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Social Media & Soul Selling


Years ago, I reached out to friends, family and business colleagues for support and referrals. Today, there is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Websites and other social media platforms to navigate. It’s a lot of work, but worth it.

For me, the cherry on top is I get to use my love of writing to communicate how I “feel” about the projects I am selling. Whether it is real estate, empowerment coaching, my latest book or blog, Law of Attraction Meetups, or my daughter’s jewelry business, I can express myself so it doesn’t come across as direct marketing. Many times, I don’t even think about the financial outcome. It’s more about sharing those things I am passionate about with like-minded entrepreneurs and spiritpreneurs, quickly and effectively, every day. The interaction gives me insights as to what is important to people I follow and who follow me.

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Real Estate Is What I Do, Not All I Am…


Real Estate is what I do, not all I am. I am more than a Realtor. I am a mother, a friend, a writer, a teacher and most of all a servant to the One who created me. When my empowered self vibrates in an orgasmic rush of energy, all things are possible.

In 1988, I was managing Joyce Rey’s financial affairs while working for a prestigious Business Management firm in Beverly Hills. One day, Joyce walked in with that iconic Tiffany blue box tied with a white satin ribbon and inside the box was a cobalt blue Limoges miniature chest trimmed in gold.

For those of you reading this blog who are not familiar with Joyce Rey, she is recognized as one of the top real estate authorities, Broker extraordinaire, world-wide. She is also a single mother and we had many conversations about the challenges of raising our children alone. She handed me the box and simply said, “Victoria, you need to think about yourself and your children. Get your real estate license.”

Looking back, my happiest moments were spent as a family of three. Me, content with creating two small businesses that paid our bills, one was teaching Malibu’s first higher consciousness program to children, and the other one was managing others’ affairs; no cheers from the crowd, no standing ovations, no awards for being a top producer or handing out business cards to strangers, just a simple family, living a day at a time, trying to do what was right in God’s eyes.

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Let Me Recognize the Problem so it can be Solved


The Law of Attraction is about changing your thoughts and beliefs so you will attract what it is you truly want. We all have huge dreams of how our lives should look, and yet, the majority of us will never crystalize our dreams.

I receive a plethora of emails every day from life coaches passionate about manifesting, marketing wizards, bloggers, tweeters, affiliate and joint venture programs and everything in between. The phrases “how-to” and “go-to” are imprinted in my mind and, I activate messages I am in alignment with and am pleasantly surprised that much of the information I am attracted to is an extension of myself that I need to process in order to move forward with my own heart-filled projects.

I also love sharing information with others so I started a group page on Facebook called “Hello, Beautiful” since it is the title of my new book and originally, I had about twenty members. The group over a short period of time has grown to almost 5,000 members. I didn’t advertise the group, nor did I ask anyone to “opt-in”…I simply opened it for anyone who wanted to share positive, uplifting, organically healthy topics with other members. Most days, there are twenty to thirty new posts for my approval and dozens of new members asking to join every single day. Many of these posts have to do with new and innovative ways to brand yourself, your products and your services, which is exciting, yet overwhelming.

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The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions:


could have, might have, and should have.~Unknown

This morning, my EGO jumped in and is creating a committee meeting in my head: “Hey you, woulda, coulda, shoulda, mighta been, woman…get with it already. You’re not getting any younger.” Wow! Talk about feeling defeated, no matter what I have accomplished in my life. There it is. Our little egos just love to keep us small. Keep us from dreaming, feeling secure and stable and reaching our “ah-ha” moments.

I have always been an artist at heart. I actually had dreams of becoming an actor, singer, dancer, writer; but, I didn’t have the support of my family so I never believed I had enough talent. I chose, instead, to follow THEIR dreams for me, rather than my own. Get married to a well-to-do man, have children, be active in the P.T.A. and charitable organizations. Well, I got married to a man who forgot he was supposed to be faithful. I have two, amazing, gifted children that are my heart’s beat, I was active in the P.T.A., even having them sponsor me so I could open Malibu, California’s first higher conscious enrichment program for the children. I called the program “Creative Expressions”, something I wasn’t allowed as a child.

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Monetize Your Message


Live in the flow of abundance…envision money as a spiritual asset…

Free seminars, webinars, e-books and the plethora of other FREE online courses suggest that everything you need to heal and transform, you can obtain for free.

Well, folks, this is just not the truth. Over the past forty years, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking out spiritual teachers in alignment with my journey.

From traveling to Big Sur, California to Esalen Institute, where I enrolled in both emotionally and spiritually healing workshops (which were quite expensive) to happily paying to listen to Marianne Williamson lecture for over 25 years, as well as contributing to events I attended to help raise money for her congressional campaign, to flying to Hawaii to be a participant in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Divine Love” workshop and everything in between, I can honestly say “I got what I paid for.” When I was in the middle of writing my second book, “Hello, Beautiful,” I hit a wall and I was on my knees in gratitude when Oprah and Deepak Chopra offered their meditation series for free. When I received follow up emails with a link to their store to purchase more empowering tapes, I purchased them. Those tapes which I listen to every morning helped me finish some of the hardest and most painful chapters in my book. And, yes, I can go to Google or You Tube and access the “Rockstars” of the spiritual movement’s videos for free, but it is not the same as creating your own library of tapes or books or attending comprehensive workshops, seminars, retreats or in-depth classes.

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A recent study published by the University of Maine states: “At birth, a baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons, roughly as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way, and almost all the neurons the brain will ever have. In the brain, the neurons are there at birth, as well as some synapses. As the neurons mature, more and more synapses are made. At birth, the number of synapses per neuron is 2,500, but by age two or three, it’s about 15,000 per neuron.”

“Windows of opportunity” are sensitive periods in children’s lives when specific types of learning take place. For instance, scientists have determined that stress can become toxic when a child has frequent or prolonged experiences like abuse, neglect or poverty without adult support. The thoughts we choose as a result of our childhood wounds stay with us UNTIL we liberate ourselves through daily practice of choosing to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

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Stir Your Soul


Our thoughts come from our Mental-SELF. Our wisdom comes from our Spiritual-SELF.

Did you know that we have up to 70,000 thoughts a day? And that 70% to 80% of those thoughts are negative, self-sabotaging and fearful? The Mental-SELF is in constant chatter-mode while the vibration from our heart chakra is an eternal pathway to a higher realm that grounds and lifts us up, allowing new possibilities to emerge. To reclaim who we really are, miracles, we have to make time to go within.

In my new book, Hello, Beautiful, I share my forty-years of life lessons, compilations of my coaching clients’ transformations and self-love breaks for the reader to either begin or continue their own healing and transformation. Writing this workbook for all of us was the salve I needed to heal residual wounds, misconceptions, childhood traumas, good and bad choices, and repetitive thoughts that insured the same outcome no matter the situation and/or people.

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Light Your Path with HOPE


If you were writing this blog and the title was Have Only Positive Expectations, what thoughts come up for you in relation to where you are at this moment in your life?

A little backstory is important as to why, out of all the quotes I read every day, this particular one had its hold on me. I’m a 70 year-young woman who has a problematic past, missed opportunities and an eating disorder. Yet, I have had an incredible life in spite of carrying around my share of unresolved inner conflicts. Blessed to be a mother of two amazing children who love me unconditionally, I made a decision early on to use my entrepreneurial talents (or, as my Jewish grandmother would say “Use your Cup,” a Yiddish saying meaning “use your brains”) to earn enough money to be a stay-at-home mom. The feeling of joy being able to work in my pj’s, hot cup of Java in one hand, a kid in the other and the sounds and smells of nature wafting through my windows, still to this day, fills my heart with happiness…

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When We Come To It


When I think of the word gratitude, I think of two words: “Oh, My.” I spend a lot of precious, delicious time dreaming, writing, meditating, which are activated from the core of my inner world, a world as real to me as things I can touch, smell and see in the outer world. Using the practice of gratitude has been the catalyst to embrace both worlds, which have been gateways to the power of healing and transformation I have experienced my entire life. When my current dilemma, an unfinished manuscript which seems to have a mind and will of its own refuses to allow me to type “The End, Finis, Omega,” I do the next best thing. I symbolically throw my hands up in surrender like Erica Barry, the fictional character played by Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, and figure the next best thing is to write. Something. Anything. Eventually, I will get back to my manuscript. This, I know for sure. Not sure, when…but for certain, just the same.

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Is Self-Love Selfish or Selfless?


You’re too full of yourself,” my mother use to say to me whenever I felt a surge of empowerment, that amazing feeling of Wonder Woman strength combined with a Divine connectedness to Spirit…

How can we be TOO FULL of ourselves? What does this actually mean?

Is it selfish or selfless to love ourselves so much that we “feel” power-full beyond measure? Both of these actions go to the heart of Self-Love. Both are instruments needed to activate healing and transformation. How many times have you wanted something and didn’t consider the effects it would have on others? In 70 years, probably more times than I can count. But, the wisdom (activation of selflessness) that yields from the repetitive action of selfishness holds our greatest life-lessons. With selflessness, comes happiness and joy. When making someone else happy, making their heart light and giving them hope, reflects right back at you, that’s… Self-Love.

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10 Of the Most Important Things I Have Learned


People ask me all the time now that I am heading towards 70 years young, what are the most important things I have learned.

1. Authenticity. You must be real to have your unique voice heard.

2. Read. Every single day, read something inspirational and empowering.

3. Write. Don’t write to be “right.” Just write. Whether it is in a journal, a notebook, or a blog. What you have to say when you write your thoughts is very powerful and sets the stage for continued spiritual growth.

4. Take ME time every day. Mine is early in the morning before I start my day. I meditate/pray…sit quietly and from my perch I commune with nature.

5.Throughout the day, take self-love breaks. If you are working a desk job, sit back, close your eyes and think about who you really are. Ask yourself “What is my life purpose?” Listen with your heart.

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True happiness begins with gratitude. We can start with the little things, things we take for granted every single day from getting up in the morning and thanking God for our health, getting dressed and thanking God for our closet full of clothes, driving our car to work and thanking God we have a car, going to work and thanking God we have a job, coming home and thanking God we have a home and people who love us to come home to, talking to our children who disagree with something we’ve said (which is quite often, LOL!!!) and thanking God we have children who love us anyway…the list is long when we begin to thank God for all our blessings.

It has taken me years to embrace the authentic me. The me that is underneath who I appear to be on the surface. We all long for the same things; to be loved, to belong and to be valued. Sadly, this society is not evolved enough (we are getting better at this) to recognize there is enough for everyone. When we trust we are all children of God, created for a very important purpose, we won’t be afraid to give from our whole hearts to each other.

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Hello Again

This is my first blog. Did you know there are over 450 million English-speaking blogs in existence? Worldwide, it is estimated there are approximately one billion blogs. Over 386 million people view more than 13.3 billion pages each month so what words of wisdom can I write that someone else hasn’t already written? Is blogging just another source of fodder in the social networking world?

There are personal blogs, political blogs, health blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, project blogs, education blogs, niche blogs, legal blogs, dream blogs, music blogs and many more including women’s/ mompreneur blogs one made popular by Erica Diamond who created which is syndicated to over two million readers monthly. A “blogger’s” dream but how many bloggers actually achieve much more than their friends or family members giving them the thumbs up?

All of the above information causes me to hear my parent’s words of caution when my dreams got too big, which of course resulted in being afraid of success as though that was for other people, but not within my reach. Instead of embracing their limited view of me, I wish I had opted to throw caution to the wind and take the plunge. (many plunges, infact) or read Marianne Williamson’s quote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure”, but as all “good girls” from that era, we did as we were told, secretly holding on to our dreams praying they won’t evaporate before they can be actualized.

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