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Victoria Feldman is a published author, life coach, professional speaker, workshop leader and Realtor.

A progressive educator with a strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking, an extensive researcher, and vast life experiences, Victoria’s authentic voice is heard regardless of what endeavor or entrepreneurial venture she is passionate about. From helping real estate agents become top producers to parenting counseling to crisis intervention and mediation, Victoria currently serves as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients.

Victoria majored in Psychology and Creative Writing before choosing a career in Management. Her first serious position was as an Executive Assistant to the highly-respected billionaire, Kirk Kerkorian. Mr. Kerkorian took such a liking to his young assistant, he brought in his own accounting team to teach Victoria business management.

As a mother to two young children, Victoria left her position with Mr. Kerkorian to open Creative Expressions, a higher consciousness program for ages 4-12 in Malibu, California. While administrating the children’s program, Victoria wrote her first book, “This is Not Goodbye…It’s Halo.” Endorsed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, this charming poetic tale of the afterlife was the recipient of the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award for best book in its category.

In 1985, Victoria was chosen to work as a staff member for Dr. Will McWhinney. Dr. McWhinney was the Dean of the Graduate School of Management at UCLA and the president of The Fielding Institute, (later changed to the Fielding Graduate University) in Santa Barbara, CA.

Two years later, Victoria was offered the position of Senior Account Executive for the well-known accounting and business management firm; Francis, Freedman & Lester. One of Victoria’s business management clients was Joyce Rey, one of the most respected names in luxury real estate worldwide. Joyce suggested Victoria use her education and previous professional training to become a successful Realtor.

In 1988, Victoria became a licensed Realtor and began her career as a Certified Relocation Specialist with clients like HP, Schwab, Vanguard, IBM, Intel and other Fortune 500 companies. Her work was honored at UCLA’s Entrepreneurial Conference for Women. Victoria went on to sell 100’s of millions in real estate. Utilizing her accomplishments as a Realtor, Victoria wrote “The Heart of Real Estate” and gives inspirational visualization workshops at Boards of Realtors, colleges, organizations, and to small groups and individuals.

In 2004, Victoria attended Coaches Training Institute in Marin, CA. Victoria states: Coaching is a way of combining everything I love into one format. Positive Psychology, Creative Conceptualization, Attraction Marketing, Communication Strategies, Crisis Intervention and Mediation are all essential tools in attaining what we desire in a very complex world.

Armed with extensive research, statistics and life experiences, Victoria’s authentic voice is heard regardless of what endeavor or entrepreneurial venture she is passionate about.

Victoria’s second book “Hello, Beautiful” chronicles Victoria’s struggles and triumphs to liberate herself and others from yo-yo dieting and weighty thoughts.

Spending years attending seminars at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Victoria’s dream is to host retreats and webinars for spiritual seekers to inspire and empower each other.

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Long Version:

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. As far back as I can remember, I had Guides, Inner Voices, and Imaginary Friends…different names for the same Inner Knowing. The Voices that spoke to me were soothing, kind and empathic. When I told my “secret” to my great grandfather, a respected Hebrew poet and historian, he taught me to position angels around my bed when I said my nightly prayers. He said to me, “Believing in angels will teach you to see with your heart. Behaving like one will align you with God.”


About Victioria 4th Para Victoria, Mother Shirley & brother Peter Mid 50’s
Memphis, Tennessee

Breezing through childhood with my two brothers, lots of family and a host of friends, including my chatty, free-spirited Voices, I had a happy childhood until my beautiful, young mother told me she had cancer. The Voices I relied on for comfort were no longer my playmates, they became old souls overnight. The grieving process was intensified by my Voices…Voices that were no longer soothing, but solemn.

They were telling me my mother was going to die. For the next few years, while my mother’s parents and my father hoped and prayed for her recovery, I was preparing myself for the end of my mother’s existence. One time, I walked in on my father, his head cradled in his hands. He was sobbing and praying to God. I asked him how could he still believe in God. My father replied: “I never taught you to always love or understand God, I taught you to always know Him.” Well, I didn’t want to know or understand or love Him. I hated Him for causing so much pain and I hated my Voices for causing me so much unspeakable guilt and anxiety. My mother died and so did my relationship with God and my Voices.

I sort of coasted along…frozen heart, a piece of me gone…I thought for good.

In 1966, I married and had my first child. Kevin was a serious, intelligent, gifted child. When I held him in my arms, I felt a stirring I hadn’t felt in many years. Seven years later, I carried another soul beneath my heart, a daughter. Candace was born in 1975, a precocious, adorable beauty with saucer-like eyes that drew everyone to her. I wish I could say all was smooth sailing but that’s not the case. To the outside world, I had it made. I owned and operated a successful business and had been honored at UCLA’s Entrepreneurial Women of the Year conference, had a beautiful family, an expensive home in the suburbs, but it wasn’t all it appeared to be.

I remember the end, like it was yesterday. It was a stormy night, the wind howled and the branches of the trees slapped themselves against my bedroom window. I closed my eyes and prayed. I don’t know for how long I was in that state before a light, so bright, I could hardly open my eyes filled the room, obliterating everything in the room. And, then I heard a Voice. “Leave now and I will always be with you and your children”, it said strong and steady. Tears ran down my cheeks co-existing with the rain running down the windowpanes. Kevin and Candace, my innocent, trusting, good children. They deserved more.

Candace & Kevin 4th Para Kevin & Candace


As a single mother I seized the opportunity with a determination I didn’t know existed in me. We moved to Malibu, and my Bohemian side was unearthed, allowing the changes to take root. For the next seven years our new lifestyle consisted of treks to Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, educating and treating ourselves holistically with homeopathic and herbal remedies, my work with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on overcoming my fears around death and dying, becoming a student in A Course in Miracles, teaching a higher consciousness program for children and writing a book, “This is Not Goodbye…It’s Halo”. Along with many moments of fear and doubt, were just as many moments of laughter, learning and love.


In 1988, we said farewell to Malibu and embarked on another major change, but a good one. My transition from personal growth work and teaching children to working with Will and Veronica McWhinney led me to the world of academia which I needed to advance forward. Will Mc Whinney, Ph.D was the Dean of the Graduate School of Management at UCLA and his wife, was the former Dean of Academia at Immaculate Heart College in L.A. Seeing myself through their eyes gave me the strength to embrace a world I felt disconnected from. Respected for his humanistic theories and a symbol in the academic world for change, Will McWhinney educated me in time management and organizational development, two areas of his work that forced me into left brain mode. Spending time with the McWhinneys infused me with the power of discipline and gifted me with the ability to process using my whole brain. Years later when I succeeded in business, I would say a prayer of gratitude that I was blessed with these two remarkable souls.

The following ten years I threw myself into the business of real estate. I exposed myself in ways I never dreamed I would or could. Segueing from the security of spiritual endeavors really tested my mettle and becoming a Top Producer in a town like Beverly Hills brought me to critical breakthroughs necessary for success. I now realize years later, that who I am at my core, a Child of God, whose main purpose is to serve Him. Integrating my spirituality into my career as a Realtor, set me apart from the plethora of competition. I found myself being called upon by other seasoned multi-million dollar producers as well as new agents to help them find their authentic selves so they could reach their potential while also using their energy to enjoy their lives. One of the most endearing testimonials I have ever gotten was from my Broker, Ronna Brand:

“Victoria has a remarkable gift. Her ability to zero in on your strengths and authenticity, which translates into your own unique style will give you the tools you need to send a positive message to prospective buyers and sellers and they will respond by becoming loyal, life-long clients.”

– Ronna Brand, President, Beverly Hills Board of Realtors

From this experience bigger and more profound opportunities came my way. I hosted a TV show called “Conscious Real Estate” bringing awareness to how to achieve win-win transactions for both buyers and sellers. I became a highly respected Relocation Realtor and earned my CRS, working with Fortune 500 companies like IBM, HP, Intel,Robinsons-May and Charles Schwab.

In 1998, I relocated to the Monterey Peninsula and joined Alain Pinel Realtors. Racking up over $100 million in sales in a few short years, I was awarded membership in Alain Pinel’s elite President Roundtable (top 5% of all Alain Pinel agents), Top Sales Agent and Top Listing Agent.

“Victoria, I am so proud of you. You are on a mission…to share your true wealth of knowledge with others. You have a rare sense that transmits your message…easily and simply. This is what makes you so powerful.”

– Judith Profeta, Owner/Broker-Alain Pinel Realtors, Carmel

Throughout the years of sustaining a successful real estate career I pursued my passion of service and “giving back.” In 2004, I attended Coaches Training Institute in Marin, California and found myself longing to use my education, training and life experiences to empower people from every walk of life to find their own uniqueness using the principles of Co-Active Life Coaching.

My second book, “Hello, Beautiful” chronicles my struggles and triumphs to liberate myself and others from yo-yo dieting and weighty thoughts. I wrote; Our spirits are the fertile soil from which seeds of truth are planted. From these seeds, sprout supreme realities that heal and transform those parts of ourselves that have been wounded, neglected and misunderstood. We are spiritual beings filled with infinite love, mirroring all that is true, good and beautiful.